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How to Buy a Romantic Gift!
Whether you’re looking for a gift to celebrate birthday, an anniversary, Valentine's Day, any special occasion, or nothing at all, maybe you want a 'just because' gift.  Fnding something that say's, "romance" takes thought and consideration. Getting her a book and slippers are great gift ideas. They are not exactly romantic.  A romantic gift is one that only someone she is intimate with can give her. Things like a weekend getaway for two, cozy pampering and  relaxation wares (D1120 Self Pamper Spa Set or 35624 Bath Set).  A good gift is one that reflects her personal interests and aspirations. Most modern women don't see romance as housewife's stereotype, so avoid giving kitchen housewares. If, you’re planning on getting her something racy, be careful to choose something you know she'll be comfortable using not just something that turns you on. If she’s expressed interest in trying a new fantasy, then open that door for her.  But, getting fur-covered handcuffs might not go over so well.  Another thing to keep in mind is predicting who’s going to see the unwrapping.  Get something that says, "alone time" with taste (10015699 Yoga Position Oil Warmer or Hurricane Lanterns 10017696 Red, 10017697 White, 10017695 Green and 10017694 Blue).  If you’re thinking of a see-through slip, think again. Of course, candles or a special delivery of her favorite hard-to-find wine are less problematic.
This is your chance to create a moment. Take her out to dinner or stay in and cook for her.  Step outside with candle lantern for a firey mood setting get away (13401 Exotic Azure Pedestal Lantern, 14121 Sapphire Night Table Lantern or White Lattice Lantern, and all Morrocan style lanterns). Take her on a moonlit walk and run her a bath. It’s OK to be cheesy, it’s part of the charm.